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📈 Validate your Business Idea with Google Keyword Planner

Time to read: 4minutes

Step #1 Access the Keyword Planner from Google Ads

Step #2 Prepping the Analysis with Google Sheets

Step #3 Getting the total volume per month

Step #4 Getting Insights from your data

In this guide we will discuss how you can validate a business idea using tools from Google.

Specifically we will discuss:

  1. How to find a good market using competitor’s data
  2. See the seasonality trends
  3. Find if the market is growing or not

The tools we are going to use are Google Keyword Planner Google Sheets.

You will also need:

  • Access to a Google Ads Account
  • Google Sheets

So let’s dig!

Access the Keyword Planner from Google Ads

You log in into the account go to “Tools” > “Keyword Planner”

image5 1

Tools > Keyword Planner

Then a page will load. Choose “Start With a Website” ,choose an industry leader’s website and press “Get Results”

image8 1

Don’t forget to choose the country you are targeting and the language

After that the page with the results will appear. In order to do a good analysis we need at least 24 months old data (we need this to compare monthly trends).

image10 1

Also make sure you have excluded your competitors brand from the keyword ideas

image1 1

After that your just need to press the “Download Keyword Ideas”

Prepping the Analysis with Google Sheets

After you upload the .csv file into Google Sheets (or Excel) you will get the data that look like this:

image12 1

Raw data from Keyword Planner

After cleaning the file you should have a more concrete dataset

image11 1

The columns you need are “Keyword” and volumes by month (e.x. “Nov 2018”, “Dec 2019”, etc)

Now we need to make sure that the numbers are actually numbers and not text.

To do that we need:

  • Get all the numbers
  • Click “Format”
  • Click “Number”
  • And then again “Number”

image9 1

Making sure that our numbers are actual numbers

Getting the total volume per month

For our next step we need to find the total volume for each month.

In order to this we do the following:

  • Add a new row below the “Keyword” row
  • Use the “=SUM()” formula
  • Do it for all the months

image2 1

Creating the Total Volume Column

Getting Insights from your data

Now we have the Month, the Year and the total search volume for that specific website

image6 1

We have the full search volume that the competitor is eligible to show for each month

Now we will create percentages in order to see emerging patterns

YoY Growth (per month)

For example in the following table we compare the search volume growth for each month. We see that from November to February we do not see much growth. Things do not look good 😞.

image4 1

But from May to Oct we see a growth in search volume at least 30% each month 😃!!

This means that Shoes seasonality starts when the weather get warmer.

image7 1

Finally if we get the volume for each year we will get the Year over Year Search Volume Growth.

We see here that from 2019 to 2020 the searches for shoe related keywords increased to 21.30%.

That means that going into this business is a good idea.

image3 1

Now try that for yourself and comment below to share any insights 😃