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2 Reasons to have UTMs in your ads

2 Reasons to have UTMs in your ads

Reason #1: It shows you what marketing channel works and what doesn’t.

Then you can draw insights, and then you can do actions to fix or scale.

Let’s look at the data below.



source / medium Report on Google Analytics
source / medium Report on Google Analytics



This is the data from 15/11/2020.

Since we used UTMs in our ads, every Session, Transaction and Revenue that came from the Ads is attributed in the Facebook / cpc

Everything else (organic posts for example) is attributed into the other sources / mediums that end with the /referral.

This gives us clarity on data and we can draw insights from this report.

  • Why is the ads conversion rate so low? Maybe we need to check where we send traffic (landing pages)
  • Why is our revenue so high on organic posts (referral)? Should we ramp up our efforts there and create more content?

On the other hand let’s look at an account that does not uses proper UTMs



source / medium Report on Google Analytics only Facebook filter
source / medium Report on Google Analytics only Facebook filter



As you can see everything in the Source / Medium is attributed to referral (although the client runs ads).

With this we are not sure if these 2 Transactions came from ads or organic posts thus we are unable to take actions and as a result we cannot fix or scale anything.

Reason #2: Enables you to some high level Performance Marketing Tactics that are only able when you use UTMs

Let me give you an example from one of my campaigns:

If you run Catalog Sales Campaigns on Facebook you can argue that they are some of the most profitable campaigns you can run.

You upload a Facebook Product Catalog and the algorithm shows the products to prospects (or Website Visitors if you can installed the Facebook Pixel and used Remarketing Audiences)

But the downside is that you don’t know which products are shown!😨

So if the campaign has profitable ROAS that’s great news 👍! (still you don’t know which products sell better, so you can’t optimize)

But if the campaign has un-profitable ROAS you still don’t know which products perform poorly in order to exclude them 👎.

So what do you do?

You guessed it! You use UTMs

Let me show how.

How to Combine UTMs with your Google Analytics to get some super tricks to optimize your PPC efforts